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On this Page you will find photo's and information 

about an  unrestored instrument

which is for sale.

Sold August 2010




Shoninger with Campanella

A beautiful big instrument with that typical cabinet of Shoninger.

It can be closed and you can write on it as on a writingtable/bureaux.

Beside the pedals there are two small cupboards locked with a key.

The instrument is partly restored (not by me) but plays very nice.

It has a real Campanella ( 37 Bells hit by a little hammer) on board at the trebleside.

Only are the original stopfaces gone and they have put similar on it.

The stopknobs are all original!


PRICE  on Request
Bass Treble Measurements Campanella


Diapason 8'

Dulciana 8'

Viola 4'

Violina 4'

Bass Coupler

Subbass 16'

Bass Forte

Principal Forte


Vox Humana


Treble Forte

Treble Coupler

Piano 8'

Melodia 8'

Clarionet 16'

Trumpet 16'

Celeste 8'

Seraphone 8'

Echo 4'

Pianola 4'


H : 220 cm

W: 125 cm

D: 70 cm

f - f 3

Contra F - f 3

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