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On this Page you will find only photo's about restorations

Have fun in it and enjoy these particular instruments!


This instrument is a rare one from Debain. The Harmonina! patented 1862.

Made especially for the Boudoir of the ladies.

Ofcours, a child could play to, but still,  unusual.


Francois Debain, #901 and # 7109, build between 1862 - 65,

1 2/5 sets of reeds, pressure system, rosewood cabinet,

can be played by handpumping and a footpedalpump.

Sometimes you will see 2 or 3 Harmonina's.

To show you the differences between wrong repairwork and a complete original one unrestored.

This one, #901 was also completely wrong repaired. It was a big mess!!!!!



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